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slide We are one of the oldest software sales and distribution companies in Turkey. Since 1998, our aim is to provide our customers with products that are the best in their field.

Today, products that make life easier for software developers have a large place in our portfolio. We work with some manufacturers as a regional (Africa and Middle East) distributor.

Elmer maintains its determination to be the best and most reliable software provider in Turkey by always offering the best software products and solutions to all its individual and corporate customers, without deviating from its purpose of the day it was founded.

Your Next Great Desktop, Web, Mobile App Starts Here.

From interactive desktop applications to outstanding web and mobile solutions, software development tools that meet your needs today and ensure your continued success tomorrow.

Elmer is Turkey distributor of DevExpress products.

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Develop with Passion, Create Anything…

JetBrains is a software manufacturer specializing in smart development tools, including the leading Java IDE IntelliJ IDEA, and the creator of the Kotlin programming language.

Elmer is the distributor of JetBrains products in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa.

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Industry Leading Mind Mapping and Information Visualization

Used in six of every ten companies on the Fortune 100 list and by more than four million people around the world, MindManager products greatly increase productivity and team efficiency.

Elmer is Turkey distributor of MindManager products.

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Innovative Software Solutions for Schools and Businesses

NetSupport specializes in the development of software products that will manage and support local and wide area networks. Its main product is the industry-leading NetSupport Manager software.

Elmer is Turkey distributor of NetSupport Software products.

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Progress Telerik

Give More Than Expected ...

Progress Telerik provides user interface (UI) components and content management solutions for Microsoft, as well as development, team productivity and dynamic testing tools.

Elmer is the main authorized reseller of Progress Telerik products in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa.

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