In YouTrack version 2021.3, we are introducing Timeline, a new time tracking feature that allows you to track, manage and report time spent on tasks and projects more easily than ever before. In this release we have added GitLab to the import wizard and fully localized YouTrack to three more languages.

We are now deprecating the old REST API. Please make sure all your custom integrations are migrated to the new REST API. Read on to learn more about the new version.

Read on to learn more about the fundamentals of time tracking and time reporting with YouTrack and discover brand new integrations that offer different time tracking options.

Key elements of YouTrack time tracking functionality

YouTrack's approach to time tracking is based on three key categories: forecast, time spent, and work items.

  • Estimate is the simplest of these three categories. Simply enter the estimated time required to complete a task in this field.
  • work itemis the entry that identifies each unit of work completed under a task. It includes fields such as author, date, duration, job type, and optional note. For example, a work item could describe a 4-hour development task you completed today. Work items are attached to problems. Each issue may contain multiple work items of varying duration, indicating different authors and types of work.
  • associated with a problem Spent time field contains a summary of the time taken for all work items logged for this issue.

Estimated and spent time entered for subtasks are combined into associated main tasks. So you can easily track the progress of user stories and epic items.