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The Easiest Way to Draw in 3D

SketchUp its users are architects, designers, builders, manufacturers and engineers. They are the people who shape the physical world. They are very important to us and deserve great tools; big tools produce big jobs.

Big tools are the ones you expect to use. They do one thing (or maybe two things) really, really well. They allow you to do what you want to do without understanding how. You can focus on being creative or productive, or both, while they can help you do difficult or boring jobs. And they are beautiful in their own way.

Biz SketchUpWe do our best to produce great tools for drawing in. For our users, drawing is thinking. They draw to discover ideas, understand things and show other people what they mean.

They draw because they love to draw and nothing big has yet to be built that doesn't start with a big drawing.

Who uses SketchUp Pro? Everyone.

Hundreds of thousands of professionals (take a deep breath) in the sectors we will list now (take a deep breath) in architecture, construction, engineering, commercial interiors, light construction, landscape architecture, kitchen and bathroom design, urban planning, game design, film and stage design, woodwork and many other SketchUp ProThey use it every day and continuously. It is the multipurpose antidote to complex and expensive CAD software.

The smarter way to think about 3D modeling

SketchUp Pro it is like a pen with super powers. Start by drawing lines and shapes. Convert surfaces to 3D shapes by pushing and pulling. Tug, copy, flip and paint to do anything you want. Is it even further? Start modeling from CAD and field data, photographs or hand drawings. Build models with specific behaviors and attributes. SketchUp Pro is an easy-to-use and powerful product just the way you want it.

Turn your models into drawings using LayOut

At a certain stage of each project, you need to create a set of drawings to show your model: plans, sections, facades, perspectives. SketchUp Pro LayOut included in it allows you to place model images on pages, select drawing scales, adjust line thickness, add dimensions, links and graphics. The changes you make in the model are automatically updated in LayOut. When the time comes, you can send PDFs, images and CAD files.

Be a good user quickly

SketchUpThere is a reason why we are known as a user-friendly and error tolerant 3D modeling software: we do not sacrifice easy use for functionality. With handy contextual tips, a dedicated tutor panel for beginners, and extensive online resources, help is always on hand. And just in case, every SketchUp Pro license includes one year of free technical support.

No software alone is enough!

SketchUp ProWe have developed to take its place immediately in your existing workflow. Ready for some alphabet soup? With the ability to import data in DXF, DWG, 3DS, DAE, KMZ, TIF, JPG, PNG and several other formats, you can import drawings, models and the images you want into your content. SketchUp Pro can export data in all these formats as well as in PDF, OBJ, FBX, XSI, VRML, MP4, WEBM and AVI formats.

Slides are boring. Our presentation SketchUp Pro do with

Scenes allow you to display different viewpoints in your model at any time. Styles allow you to use endless visual effects that will make your work appear precise, sketch, or in between. Section planes create slices through models to create section views. Go full screen, navigate, add tags, and create navigation animations. Your presentation SketchUp Proand get what you always wanted.

Plenty of models and add-ons

Do you need a special chair for the room you are designing? A lamp for your garage? A rhino for your zoo? Providing the world's largest free 3D content SketchUpYou can find almost anything you will need in the 3D repository. And, for access to add-ons that provide additional tools and features, the brand new “Extension Warehouse” feature we provide is your ticket to add-on nirvana.

Don't just design. Analyze…

SketchUp Procan accurately predict where the shadows will fall at any given location on earth and at any time and date. It can show you exactly what you will see when viewed from anywhere in your model. Precisely calculate the area of ​​a surface or material, or the volume of a closed 3D object. Allows you to assign attributes to objects, allowing you to get lists and reports containing this useful data.

A world of content - without exaggeration.

Any part of the world, one square kilometer at a time, in about two minutes, SketchUp Pro you can import it into your model. For free, you get aerial imagery, 3D terrain model, and latitude and longitude data for precise responsive shadow studies. From here, you can take pre-created building models to create the site content and use the "Google Maps Street View" images to model what else you will need.

A place for everything and everything in its place

Your mother has always said; The key to success in 3D modeling is to work organized and organized. Build your models in a way that is comfortable to work on and presented. Use groups and components to divide your geometry into logical parts. Layers are very useful for parsing large parts of your model, and the "Outliner" is a method for seeing everything at once.

Sketchup Innovations

SketchUp-Graphics Workflow 2.0

SketchUpWhat could happen beyond being fast, uninterrupted and reliable in displaying your models?

In this release, we've made significant improvements to our graphics workflow to improve performance in every area where you view a .SKP file. Now SketchUp3D Warehouse, LayOut, my.SketchUp, and Trimble Connect applications each use the same algorithms under the hood for seamless 3D viewing.

SketchUp-Have You Seen This (Behind)?

In addition to the graphic workflow, we have also made improvements in transparency, resulting in faster and higher quality viewing. SketchUp now much better at providing a more realistic sense of depth through surfaces standing behind each other. And for even better, we've added the ability to fine-tune the transmittance level to the X-ray mode.

SketchUp-Click and… release!

SketchUpWe make the 'intuitive' moves that make 'fast and precise' even more effective.

High DPI Modeling

We have improved the capture and extraction on high definition monitors (such as Apple Retina Display). Edge thicknesses have also been smart-scaled. Now you can get away from your screen ...

Smart Offset

Our new Offset command prevents overlapping and cutting geometries. Clear offsets every time you press the 'F' key (also in LayOut!)

Steep Surface Extraction

Do you have a good command of parallel inferences? We added a 'Perpendicular to Face' inference. Move the cursor over a surface; SketchUp will be able to catch its perpendicular.

Rectangles That Can Lock Axis

Our Rectangle commands can now evaluate arrow-key axis locking (just like the Circle and Polygon commands). Psst… find square or Golden Section proportions; You can also lock on them by holding down the shift key!

Provides LayOut-Tables

Because important documents often need to contain important information, we developed the Tables; The most convenient method of keeping lists in LayOut. Create a table from scratch or import a .CSV or Excel file. Tables behave just like any other sheet: you can edit text, format cells, change columns and rows. LayOut links your original tables with references, allowing you to update each table in your document with a single click!

SketchUp-Persistent Identities

Now, SketchUp When you make a change to your model, any LayOut dimensions associated with the model will be updated to reflect the change. It, SketchUp platform, it is possible thanks to a new feature called Persistent IDs. These are the properties of individual elements such as a particular edge or surface. SketchUp (and add-ons) are the geometry specifiers that allow them to be changed. Basically, every part of your model is made smarter.

Extension Manager

A new utility, Extension Manager allows you to quickly access SketchUp extensions. From here, it's extremely easy to turn special tools on or off (or remove them entirely). The Extension Manager also displays the digital signature of an extension, that is, it meets our quality and security standards.

LayOut-High Commitment .DWG

Many people also use drawings they make in SketchUp in other CAD applications. We've programmed LayOut's .DWG / .DXF data export feature from the ground up to make their lives even easier.


In earlier versions, the LayOut file consisting of ten pages was transferred as ten separate .DWG files. With this version, you can submit a single .DWG file with a separate tab for each page.

Natural Elements

In the past, LayOut elements such as dimensioning, cut masks and labels went exploded into rough geometries with data export. Now, they are transferred to AutoCAD with properties and behave as expected.

Smart Scale

LayOut data submissions can be provided to size themselves to paper size or model space. Drawing elements such as labels and polygons are sized according to the paper size. Model linework is sized to model space. Request!

Color by Layer

By adding the frequently requested 'Color-by-Layer' option for CAD submissions, we have ensured that the elements in a certain layer can be sent with a specific color. By default, black lines are shipped with black on a white background and white on a black background. A feature that CAD friends will love.

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