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About Us

PostSharp It was founded in 2004 by Gael Fraiteur as an open source project. The popularity of the project has grown and as the user community demands more features and support, Gael PostSharpdecided to turn it into a commercial company. Roman Stanek owned the project and became its investor. In 2009, PostSharp Technologies was born and a few months later, the first PostSharp commercial version released.

Our Mission

We are committed to bringing innovations for developers working at industry-leading companies that allow them to add new code functionality and maintenance, simplify the architecture, and reduce code duplication and application complexity.

our Differences

In the .NET world PostSharphas free alternatives; however, more institutions come to us for their own needs. Our software offers features that no other alternative framework can match, including ready-made applications for some of the most common patterns currently found in .NET applications, and tooling features that enable large-scale use.


More than 50.000 developers around the world to develop cleaner code every day PostSharptrusts. Our clients include educational institutions, educational institutions, government agencies worldwide, startups, and nonprofits, as well as Fortune 500 companies such as US Airways, Siemens and Bank of America.

PostSharpIs a compiler extension for C # and VB languages ​​that runs under Visual Studio. Offered for sale by ELM in Turkey PostSharpIt ensures that the inventory code that software developers have to write can be cleaned from software codes and that such repetitive code writing works can be transferred from human to machine. In order to ensure that frequently used software patterns such as INotifyPropertyChanged, logging, security can be easily applied, PostSharp Comes with ready-made templates. In addition, it includes automation tools that will enable software developers to apply their own patterns. PostSharp In addition, it comes with ready-made patterns that make it easier to develop thread safe methods under C # and VB. Although the software is thinking through patterns, they have to write extraordinarily large, ubiquitous fixture code due to the limitations of the development languages ​​and compilers in use. PostSharp It accelerates code generation under C # and VB by giving compilers the ability to understand software patterns.

The result: increased readability, fewer errors through shorter, leaner, cleaner code writing. Undoubtedly the code that is easier and more economical to maintain.

Deliver projects quicker by avoiding repetitive code writing
Software patterns are structures that are repeated in many places in the code. We actually use computers to do repetitive tasks, but in this case we have to do it ourselves. By using PostSharp, it is possible to leave this process to the computer, reducing development time and cost.

Security, loggingWriting non-stop repetitive features in the code such as stamp usage, exception handling much easier and cheaper and developing more robust applications.

Easily add new features and change existing ones after the first version
Lean and short code are easier to read and understand, and developers can easily make changes as needed by focusing on business needs rather than understanding old code. During the maintenance phase, the benefits of this can be seen better, given that software developers spend more time reviewing existing code than writing code.
New software developers can enter the project more easily
It will eliminate the time that software developers newly joining the team would spend solving the sophisticated code architecture. The error detection feature that runs at the time of application creation will help new developers quickly adapt to project standards.

postsharp, C # and VB for Turkey and the world is Best Software Development Tool

Turkey and require them to keep the tools programmers in the world postsharp between 5 Reasons include:

  1. Using ready-made patterns to be more productive in minutes. PostSharpThanks to software patterns such as InotifyPropertyChanged, Undo / Redo, code contracts, logging, which are used extensively in .NET environment, PostSharpYou can be more productive as soon as you install.
  2. Ability to get rid of more repetitive code by creating your own patterns. PostSharp It is the only software tool that enables you to produce simpler code by defining your own software patterns repeated in your projects.
  3. Develop thread safe apps without a PhD degree. PostSharp It comes with 7 thread models that make the development of thread safe code under C # and VB accessible to everyone.
  4. Keep supporting your existing code under C # and VB. PostSharpoffers you the convenience of the Aspect Oriented Development (AOP) world without requiring you to switch to another language. Also under the language you come to use.
  5. Develop applications that run faster. PostSharpThe speed of the compiled code produced by 'is beyond your expectations. Optimized, but in a way that allows you to debug.


PostSharp [FrameWork]

View-Oriented .NET Framework Solutions

PostSharp [Logging]

The most detailed measuring tool for .NET

PostSharp [MVVM]

A must-have companion for your MVVM developments

PostSharp [Threading]

The way to write secure code for machine-work blocks in .NET

PostSharp [Caching]

The neat way to harden your .NET applications

postsharp Turkey and is used by Biggest in the World
Today, organizations need development tools that remove the constraints of traditional languages ​​and compilers. PostSharp A tool trusted by 50.000 software developers worldwide. It is used in 500% of Fortune 10 companies. Among the best known are Microsoft, Intel, Bank of America, Phillips, NetApp, BP, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Volkswagen, Hitachi, Siemens and Oracle. All these institutions reduce development and maintenance costs PostSharpthey trust.

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