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NetSupportWith 28 years of development expertise and 16 million installations worldwide, it is the leading educational and enterprise software solutions provider. Both industry experts and our customers worldwide NetSupport They consistently say their products are best in class, so no wonder we've won over 250 awards and this number is constantly growing!

NetSupportGlobal headquarters of the United Kingdom is in Peterborough. Here we are focused on developing new and existing software products and supporting our customers. We distribute our software through an international distribution network with NetSupport Group companies in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany and Japan. We also have international sales and support centers in the USA, Canada, Germany and Japan.

NetSupport Limited is a founding member of the NetSupport Group and was established in 1989. It is a private limited company registered in the UK.

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Education Solutions
Corporate Solutions

NetSupport education solutionsIt is designed to be effective, easy to use and affordable for any school budget. They are complete solutions to manage technology and its users in the classroom and throughout the school, seamlessly integrating with other products and solutions.

Complete Classroom Management

Teachers all over the world, with assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features that support teaching and learning with technology to engage students and increase learning, NetSupport SchoolHe chooses.

Foster school IT asset management

Technicians, NetSupport DNA can use easy-to-use tools to manage and support IT assets within the school network, as well as protect students.

Powerful remote control

Designed to provide flexible, effective and highly secure support to employees and students with its rich features NetSupport Manager It is the first choice of technicians.

Browser based help desk

Schools' IT support teams can respond to IT problems in a practical and timely manner, as well as IT disruptions that hinder learning. NetSupport ServiceDesk they can reduce with.

Desktop alert and message

Schools, NetSupport Notify They can communicate instantly with employees and students using desktops by sending instant or scheduled one-way messages.

NetSupport enterprise solutionsit is designed to be easy to use, cost effective and most importantly effective. It integrates seamlessly, providing a complete solution for managing technology and its users on any network.

Powerful remote control

Feature-rich and designed to provide flexible, effective and highly secure remote support across any company network NetSupport Manager It is the solution preferred by the technicians.

IT asset management

Technicians, NetSupport DNA Leverage easy-to-use tools to manage and support IT assets on a network, conserve company resources, and increase security.

Desktop alert and message

Companies NetSupport Notify It can communicate with all desktop users instantly by sending instant or scheduled one-way alerts.

Browser based help desk

Enterprise IT support teams can respond to IT problems effectively and in a timely manner, and NetSupport ServiceDesk may reduce the potential financial impact of downtime.


Products other than ServiceDesk are licensed based on the total number of computers (administrators and clients).

During the installation, it is selected which part (control, teacher, technician, client) to install.

ServiceDesk product is licensed according to the number of operators.

All products are licensed perpetual.

NetSupport has a lean pricing policy. There is no price difference between the manager and client licenses. It can be selected which part to install during installation.

No. If you want, you must obtain the maintenance license separately. One year maintenance fee is 20% of the license fee.

Product Updates - Although NetSupport software is mature, stable and very reliable, it works on many different environments and these environments are used to eliminate security gaps, solve problems, improve user experience, etc. for it is constantly changing. These factors beyond NetSupport's control may require updates in order for our products to continue to function as designed. NetSupport is committed to ensuring that such changes are implemented.

Customers with current NetSupport maintenance are eligible for product updates, thus protecting themselves against changes in the operating environment that could render their software inoperable.

New Releases - NetSupport tries to release at least one new version of each product every 12 months. The release's main focus is on providing additional functionality, performance improvements and responding to changes requested by our customer base.

Customers with current NetSupport maintenance can download new product versions ensuring they always use the most efficient solution available.

Priority Technical Support - We hope our customers do not have any problems using the NetSupport software. However, it is important for the product developer to provide assurance that they have a dedicated technical support team to provide support.

Customers with a valid NetSupport maintenance contract are eligible for priority phone support from our UK or US offices between 09:00 am and 21:00 pm (GMT).

Access to Beta Versions - NetSupport provides access to Beta versions for all customers under maintenance so they can test the products in their own environment and ensure they are working.

Of course. In this case, the upgrade fee is determined by retrospectively calculating the maintenance contract fees you do not receive.

The annual maintenance contract fee is 20% of the license fee.

Yeah. If you are licensed for a well-known competitive product and want to replace it with an equivalent NetSupport product, you will be given an additional discount of up to 20% for an equal number of NetSupport licenses.

You must provide proof of original purchase to obtain this discount.

NetSupport Manager provides free software called "Gateway". You can install the gateway on any Windows computer. This acts as an intermediary between the administrator and our client software.

The main problem is the possibility that your target computer is located somewhere on a secure network behind a firewall. NetSupport Manager gateway allows secure communication over HTTP, all you need to know is the address of your gateway. The gateway verifies who you are and then allows access so you can connect to your desktop computers located on the network.

To download the version you have: You can view and download your downloadable products when you register with your license e-mail address from the page.

After logging into your account, you will receive your license byMy LicensesSave from ”. Then you can download the setup file to "My ProductsYou can download from the section.

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