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Nagios Enterprises

Nagios Enterprisesthe industry standard in enterprise IT infrastructure monitoring Nagios provides corporate products, services and solutions for and its surroundings. With millions of users worldwide NagiosIs the undisputed leader in IT monitoring.

The Nagios team, consisting of dedicated professionals, works to ensure total customer satisfaction in all of its services. Wide business partners network, Nagios It helps bring its services and solutions to new organizations and markets around the world.

Nagios EnterprisesWas founded in 2007 by Ethan Galstad. Ethan later in 1999 Nagios He created the product to be known as.


Nagios XI
Nagios LogServer
Nagios Network Analyzer
Nagios Fusion
Nagios Core

It is the most powerful IT infrastructure monitoring and IT monitoring software alert solution for today's demanding enterprise requirements.
Going beyond basic IT monitoring software features, Nagios XI provides organizations with comprehensive information about their IT infrastructures before issues affect critical business processes.

Designed to be both powerful and easy to use, Nagios XI provides unparalleled usability, flexibility and customizability to meet your needs.

It is an enterprise-class log monitoring, management and analysis application that allows organizations to quickly and easily view, query and analyze logs from all log data generated by the machine. The Log Server is designed to analyze, collect and store log data according to customized features and provide users with information about all data on the infrastructure of their networks in one central location.

The Nagios Log Server provides users with the ability to quickly and easily search and analyze all types of log data from one place. Users can then easily drill down into specific issues that enable faster problem resolution and event correlation across the entire network infrastructure.

It is a commercial grade network flow data analysis solution that provides organizations with an overview of all network traffic. Network Analyzer enables you to be proactive to troubleshoot outages, detect abnormal behavior and uncover security threats before they impact critical business processes.

Nagios Network Analyzer provides network traffic and bandwidth information for your entire IT infrastructure, making it easy for teams and individuals to ensure the smooth running of systems, applications, services, and business processes.

It is a solution designed to visualize the operational status and enable faster resolution of problems in an organization's entire IT infrastructure.

Nagios Fusion provides organizations the ability to quickly identify and resolve problems across the infrastructure before they impact critical business processes.

IT operations personnel use Nagios Fusion to capture a central view of the entire monitoring infrastructure to gain insight into the health of the entire enterprise network, enabling faster problem detection, incident correlation and resolution.

Nagios Core is the industry standard in IT monitoring software. The highly rewarding Nagios Core engine has been the default standard in network infrastructure monitoring for more than a decade, providing unmatched performance and flexibility. Nagios XI was produced using Nagios Core as the core core component.

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