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"Software eats the world," says Netscape founder and technology investor Marc Andreessen. Line by line, the hardware is grinded by code, and Java is spoken by a huge army of hungry mouths. However, since the advent of the programming language in 1996, developers had to write Java on their own machines and then upload it to remote servers for testing.

The idea to have a glass of cold water for coders stuck in reload hell was born in 2006 in Estonia. Jevgeni Kabanov found a way to tackle Java's core problem - the reload bottleneck. This view has led to one company and two products that you wouldn't find a smart Java team not using. In other words, the spell took hold.

Using JRebel, developers at thousands of companies around the world can instantly see changes in code without re-uploading them to the application server.

What's the result? Happy coders who write and test beautiful code. Happy customers who enjoy time and money savings thanks to all this beautiful, productivity-enhancing code.

Today, perforce A product that a global team of more than 150 people lovingly works on. As the marketing heart of the company beats in Boston, Massachusetts, our development foot is firmly grounded in our two offices in Estonia - Talinn and Tartu - and is growing rapidly. We also have a branch in Prague, Czech Republic.

We are committed to improving the life of developers, and now we have over 80 active users in 5200+ countries, with 65,000 customers - including 100% of the Fortune36 list.

Build Better Java Applications Faster with JRebel

JRebel saves Java teams an average of one month of coding time per year. Stop waiting for redistributions. Instantly reload code changes.


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JRebel it will change your coding method forever. JRebelIt saves valuable time by allowing more than 65.000 Java developers to see the impact of code changes instantly without having to restart their applications. Really.


XRebelHelps Java EE developers to find problems within their applications at an early stage of the software development cycle. During development XRebel tracked by data gives developers the information needed to solve problems at the cheapest cost!

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