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As a leading provider of endpoint device control and data loss prevention Devicelockwas acquired by Acronis, the world leader in cyber protection. Joining forces with Acronis helps us meet the growing needs of customers and partners for broader cyber protection capabilities by offering a unique combination of data loss prevention with innovative backup, AI-based threat protection, disaster recovery, storage and enterprise file synchronization and sharing solutions.

Devicelock Security Company

Established in 1996 Devicelockprovides endpoint device / port inspection and data leakage prevention software for business, education and government agencies worldwide.
The company is by far the leader in Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP), protecting more than 5.000 million computers in over 4 organizations. Devicelockis used confidently by a wide range of corporate clients, including banking and financial institutions, healthcare providers, government and defense agencies, communication companies, manufacturing and retail companies, and educational institutions.


DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite

DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite is a data loss prevention solution. This means that corporate data is designed to prevent leaking from the corporate network or from company-controlled BYOD laptops / devices through intentional malicious intent, negligence, or an unintentional error.

DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite includes:

For setting and enforcing policies for the use of endpoint connected devices and ports DeviceLock Core module.

To set and enforce policy for network data transfers from the endpoint NetworkLock module.

Providing the ability to set and enforce policies for transfer from the endpoint to removable media and network protocols based on reviewing the content of the file or session in question ContentLock module.

DeviceLock Core

DeviceLock Core module provides detailed information on user access to peripheral devices and ports, document printing, clipboard copy / paste operations, screen capture, media formatting and extraction, File Type Detection access controls, and synchronization with locally attached mobile devices. implements contextual controls.

DeviceLock Discovery

For use by customers who want to find certain types of content stored within and outside the corporate network. Discovering unwanted content is critical when trying to protect the company's intellectual property, control employee activities, and manage computer networks.

DeviceLock Search Server (DLSS)

Data Search

DLSS is an optional component that performs a full text search of data in the main shadow and event log database and is licensed separately. DLSS is designed to make labor-intensive operations such as information security compliance audit, incident investigation and legal review easier, more precise and in a short time.

It supports indexing and searching for more than 80 file formats. After data indexing is complete, it takes only a few seconds to run language-independent word, phrase, and number queries.

DLSS uses "all words" logic (AND logic) with some special search characters to narrow or expand searches. By default, results are sorted by the number of "encounters". Also, term or area weighting options can be used for specific words. DLSS also supports full-text indexing and searching for output in PCL and PostScript languages ​​for virtually all document printing control.

The appropriate license size is determined by the number of log entries to be indexed for full text search. Depending on the actual number of log entries on DeviceLock enterprise servers, it is necessary to purchase as many licenses as needed.

The "Search Server 50K" license includes up to 50.000 documents from the shadow logs (Shadow Log and Deleted Shadow Log) of the Search Server (DeviceLock Content Security Server component) and up to 250.000 other logs (Audit Log, Server Log and Trace Log) Allows you to index and search the entry. A "Search Server 50K" license is only recommended for networks with less than 100 DeviceLock services installed. To index and search more documents and journal entries, the appropriate number of licenses must be purchased.

DeviceLock Core component must be purchased for DLSS.

NetworkLock (NL)

Optional component with comprehensive context control capabilities over edge networking.

NL port-independent network supports protocol and application detection and selective blocking, file, data and parameter extraction and message and session reconstruction, as well as event logging and data shadowing. NL checks for the following most popular network protocols and applications:

  • Plain and SSL protected (messages and attachments controlled separately) SMTP e-mail communication and internet access,
  • HTTP-based applications (especially webmail and social network applications such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Mail, Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, etc.), including content querying of encrypted HTTPS sessions,
  • Instant messaging programs (ICQ / AOL, MSN Messenger, Jabber, IRC, Yahoo! Messenger, Agent),
  • File transfer over FTP and FTP-SSL protocols and telnet sessions.

DeviceLock Core component must be purchased for NL.

ContentLock (CL)

Optional component that brings new rules to content awareness rules.

CL introduces more complex rules for "Content-Aware Rules". Now create regular expression (RegExp) patterns with numeric conditions and boolean combinations of matching criteria and keywords, as well as allowing or denying access to information based only on real file types. With over 80 recognized file formats and data types, CL extracts and filters data content copied onto removable drives and plug-and-play storage devices, as well as files transmitted over the network. Also, with CL, by filtering shadow data, you can only retrieve meaningful snippets of information for information security auditing, incident investigations, and forensics before they are recorded in the shadow log. This feature significantly reduces storage space and network bandwidth requirements for shadow log to be written to the master database.

DeviceLock Core component must be purchased for CL.

DeviceLock Agent for OS X

DeviceLock Agent for OS X for existing DeviceLock customers who want to control devices and ports on Apple OS X computers.

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