Developer Summit 2020 - JetBrains Award Competition

Event Date: November 21 22-2020

We will hold our traditional "fun contest" in this event under the sponsorship of JetBrains. The contest will be held over the "Mentimeter" application. For this reason, this application must be installed on the mobile phones of the participants. (You can download it from Google Playstore or AppleStore).

It is also possible to participate in the competition from desktop computers. For this, go to and enter the PIN code announced for the competition and wait.

In this event Saturday 21 November 2020 We will have 2 competitions on the day of the week, the first at 13:00 and the second at 18:00 when the presentations are over. PIN codes will be announced at 12:50 pm and at 17:50 on our company's Discord channel and a general announcement will also be made. Follow us!

Top 5 of the participants will earn an individual user license (Rider, ReSharper, IntellijIDEA, WebStorm, Pycharm,… whichever they want) of an IDE they want from JetBrains. JetBrains T-Shirts will be given as gifts to those who are in the top 10. Registration is not mandatory, but those who do not want to miss this opportunity can register now by filling out the contact form! (Important: Please COMPETITION in summer.)