Data Dictionary, VID Creator and Word Processor in one

Reverse engineer and document your SQL Server, ORACLE and MySQL databases.


We know and love databases

We are a software and database developer team with more than 15 years of experience in SQL Server and Oracle database design, development and maintenance. We worked with transactional systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM), web applications and data warehouses of both ourselves and other organizations in our area of ​​interest. In many of the projects we participated in, we lacked proper documentation, communication and effective knowledge transfer, which led us to the development of Dataedo, the tool we have always lacked.

We want to make databases more accessible

We believe database development and maintenance should be easier and more manageable. We believe documentation is something that should be done when designing, developing and maintaining your software, which should not be left as an unpleasant requirement at the end of the project or omitted at all. We also believe that documentation should be as easy as possible, done with a handwork that is not boring as possible. That's why we created Dataedo for you.

Do you have a database? So document it with Dataedo!

The amount of data in organizations, and therefore databases, grows every year. There is a growing need to access data, but many databases are not documented. Software developers, support consultants, data warehouse developers, and data analysts spend a lot of time figuring out where to find data and how to query it. And worse, they make mistakes in doing so.

This problem has a solution! Comprehensive, useful database documentation. Document your databases, avoid guesswork, save time and money.

Why / how are we better? What makes us different from other vehicles?

Complete solution

Data dictionaries, Entity (item) - Relationship Diagrams, visuals and rich text descriptions in one tool. No need to copy-merge.

We support all important databases

Most similar tools only support one database engine (usually SQL Server). You can document SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases in the same repository with Dataedo

More descriptive metadata

Ability to document missing foreign keys and individual keys, and the ability to identify almost anything.

Focused on utility, not data

Many tools in this area simply extract the metadata from the database. We wanted to present the one that will add the most value to your certification.

Stylish reports

It produces PDFs ready to be sent to customers / users and HTML documents that can be published directly on the internet / intranet.

Doesn't touch your databases

The metadata generated is not stored in the database itself. It is saved to a file or repository. There is no writeback to the database. The documentation author doesn't even need to have access to the documented database.

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