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Allround Automations

Based in Enschede, Netherlands Allround AutomationsIs a private company established in 1989. Allround AutomationsIs a leading provider of Oracle development tools used by more than 172 users in more than 58.000 companies and organizations in 430.000 countries.

Leader in Oracle Development Tools

Allround Automationsvision is simple: provide useful tools for Oracle developers at a reasonable price, and focus investments on product development and customer support. This vision has made Allround Automations and its products a valuable asset in the Oracle development community.​​​​​​​ Allround Automations and made its products a valuable asset in the Oracle development community.


Allround Automations products are used in sectors including financial services, e-commerce, medicine, education, healthcare, telecommunications, military and software companies. Currently 100% of Fortune 64 companies are 100% of global companies including companies such as Wal-Mart, BP, Ford, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Citigroup, Siemens, Verizon, Deutsche Bank, American Electric Power, Motorola, Boeing and McKesson. 70 of Allround Automations uses its products.


PL / SQL Developer
Direct Oracle Access

PL / SQL Developer

PL / SQL Developer, packages, triggers etc. Integrated Development Environment for developing, testing, debugging and optimizing stored program units such as Oracle PL / SQL. PL / SQL Developer includes context-sensitive help and database object descriptions, syntax highlighting, data query and editing, graphical browser, and other functions to make a developer's life easier.

Powerful PL / SQL Editor
Unicode compatible with syntax highlighting, SQL and PL / SQL help, object comments, code assistant, compiler tips, refactoring, PL / SQL beautifying, code contents, code hierarchy, code folding, hyperlink navigation, macro library and many other complex features the editor will address even the most aspiring users.

Integrated Debugger
The integrated debugger offers all the features you could want: Step In, Step Over, Step Out, Run Until Exception, Breakpoints, View & Set Variables, View Call Stack, etc. You can debug any program unit without any changes, including triggers and object types.

PL / SQL Beautifier
PL / SQL Beautifier allows you to format your SQL and PL / SQL code through a user-defined set of rules. Your code can be automatically beautified when you compile, save or open a file. This feature will increase your coding efficiency and the readability of your PL / SQL code if you are working in large project teams.

Direct Oracle Access

If you are using Borland Delphi or C ++ Builder to develop Oracle applications, the Direct Oracle Access component set can help you achieve seamless integration between this excellent development tool and the database system. Your application will get the most out of both products, plus the application development process will benefit from the following key features:

  • High performance
  • Easy application deployment
  • Oracle package support
  • Package wizard
  • TOracleDataSet
  • Query by sample mode
  • Oracle monitoring
  • Warning events
  • SQL scripts
  • Advanced queuing
  • Session tracking
  • Support for Oracle specific features

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